View Full Version : Merry Christmas,TL!

12-18-13, 08:35 AM
Just wanted to thank TL for creating these fun games,was happy when I first stumbled upon them a few years ago,finally,games I could play without trying to memorize which controller buttons did what,or getting stuck forever on levels I could no way get past.i know lots of us complain and moan,but I think that's just because we love our TL games so much,and our expectations are high,but I personally have had great support from TL with in game problems,they get solved quite quickly,even gems refunded when it wasn't my fault,if I slipped and used gems on "accident", I considered that a lesson learned to go slow,and I've made many "oopsie" gem spending accidents! Well,my rambling is almost done,just wanted to say thank you and have a very Merry Christmas to the staff/mods/managers of TL!:)