View Full Version : Gems if your suggestions are used.

12-13-13, 11:53 AM
Since I've come to this forum I've noticed a lot of the updates are given off of post you all started. ( like free the fairies is the latest. It's great team lava listens but they want us to keep playing. This forums brilliant. It seems like a lot of adults play castle story. It's definitely one of the most complex. If any of you work in or around marketing you know you pay you subjects because their feedback keeps the game going. I know were all here by choice but were posting with our storm 8 IDS. If they use an idea the first person who started a new thread should get something. Even if it's five gems just a way to say hey thanks your idea worked and were grateful for the free research. I think everyone's feeling a little insulted after the " Christmas gift" of Xmas trees. They should give back a little we spend a lot of time money and free advertising for them