View Full Version : Can't do anything please help

12-12-13, 07:03 PM
I updated my version of kingdom clash. Went to play kicked me off multiple times telling me my connection was bad it's completely full. then wouldn't let me chat so I restarted my fully updated iPad. Let me send one message then did then same thing all over again so I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Have done this process multiple times now. Emailed support prob won't get a real response for a few days, in the mean time I'm loosing resources and crowns. I am really frustrated by all this and I just bought gems tonight as well. What do I do?

kooky panda
12-13-13, 05:01 AM
Try closing out all apps running in the background.
Go to your settings and turn you wifi off then back on.
Go to settings- safari and clear out data, then restart your device.

See if this helps.