View Full Version : So Disappointed in Christmas Item Designs!!!!

12-12-13, 08:29 AM
Since beginning in Feb 2013...I've been waiting anxiously for Christmas items since seeing the adorable ones in other players' bakeries. What a disappointment this year. Everything is dotted and not pleasing to the eye at all for me. It's quite sad that B.S. has so many loyal players and yet some like me get my gems stolen, can't get the Christmas version and now this.

12-12-13, 08:50 AM

12-12-13, 09:19 AM
I really like the new update. The colors and style give players like myself something new and exciting to decorate with. I always preferred RS to BS because of the color scheme, but now with this new update I prefer BS for the holiday decor. Personally, I will take Bright Lights and Flashy items over simple items like the log table they offered in RS. They should have swapped out the decor between both games. It seems that it would have made people more happy. Ahh, well can't please everyone. Just my opinion. TC:-)

12-12-13, 11:14 AM
I don't like it as much either but I'm hoping there's another update on Wednesday to make up for it

12-12-13, 03:34 PM
I think previous years were much more adorable - I loved the reindeer and the gingerbread designs, they were heartwarming!

I've already posted this on the Suggestions thread, but I want your opinion: would you like them to bring back the reindeer figures from last year's (or the year before - I can't remember) Christmas event?
They were so adorable but many people couldn't unlock them in time. I'm still missing Rudolph and would very much like to complete my set! I think they should re-release them, only make it so that those of us who already have some reindeer don't have to start from scratch (just get the ones we don't have).

12-12-13, 03:36 PM
Last years were more adorable for sure but its fine for me this year.

12-12-13, 07:40 PM
I don't think it's fair to the players who completed the goals ON TIME and therefore got the prize/reward for doing so if they suddenly made then available again to complete for those who weren't playing/couldn't finish them on time. However, I think they should be made available to unlock with gems. I think that's a fair enough trade off. There are old Christmas recipes I have locked too as I wasn't playing when those were goal prizes but I would be happy to pay gems to get them unlocked.

12-12-13, 10:31 PM
I did complete my goals and got all my reindeer but I wouldn't care at all if they made them available again for ppl who couldn't get them. I would also like them to re-release the Christmas content from previous years as I'm not overly thrilled with this years stuff and would like another opportunity to get some previously released items.