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12-11-13, 10:24 AM
So i love thenew ice drops, but this level is killing me.
I hate the gummybear levels anyway, but just purple??
What's the secret to this level???

12-11-13, 03:28 PM
Hi, I'm enjoying the ice/rock candies, too! I also play Jewel Mania--they remind me of the ice/white blocks in that game. The color-changing aspect of these candies is especially helpful when trying to reach the "color quota's" of Candy Blast Mania. For Level 159, I try to start each round with at least one good purple match, especially a vertical one between the rock candies. This immediately creates more purple candies, and gets the rock candy out of the way at the same time. If you don't have a good board with purple matches, just hit the pause button, then the back arrow, to restart the level. (It doesn't use an energy as long as you don't touch anything/move any pieces.) I'll add some screenshots in a minute, to show you what I mean about a good board vs. a bad (not-as-helpful) one... :)

Anyway, this is a good way to get a head-start on the purples. After that, just try to make the best choices by choosing the purple candies with higher numbers, as well as creating the various boosts that are so helpful (with 4 & 5-candy matches.) I always try to pass the levels without using the pre-game boosts (that regenerate over time.) But if you see you're getting close, but aren't quite going to make it, then wait for the right time to employ the boosts. Like, say you created a Sugar Scoop (the 5-candy boost that when activated, removes all candies of that color on the board.) If you see that you're going to be able to activate it with your needed candy color, then right before that, use the Super Sweet boost (that adds +1 to each candy.) Then activate the Sugar Scoop, and you'll reach your purple quota much faster. You can do the same using your Sugar Blast boost (the one that clears a "+" shaped blast.) Find the best intersection where you'll hit the highest # of purples, then use your +1 boost to make it even better. But hopefully, you'll get a really lucky board, and won't need any boosts at all! (Or maybe just use that Candy Wand on a high number purple candy, or on an obstacle that the gummy bear threw in the way of a great move!)

I'm really enjoying this game. And I love how the boosts regenerate, all of them, in 24 hours. If you make a mistake, at least you only have to wait a day to try again with a fully-loaded tool belt. Good luck to you! :D

12-12-13, 12:37 AM
Edit: Disregard the screenshots below if your level doesn't look like this. Apparently they changed the level, but I'm leaving this here in case someone still has this level 159 (someone who didn't update, for example.)

Hi kudukuda,
Here are some screenshots of Level 159, showing a "desirable" board vs. one less so. It's easier to reach the goal if you start with a board like the first one below. It has several purple matches, and even better--it has them between Rock Candy columns. In the first photo, the red circled match will cause all 3 rock candies to the right of the match to turn purple and clear, as well as 3 of the ones to the left. Another match, at the bottom, touches 2 more rock candies, which turns them purple...

http://i1300.photobucket.com/albums/ag81/Beadsbykat/Candy%20Mania/CBM%20Discussion%20Threads/c16980f9-0bc4-4d7d-8abe-52ae5c18b7b9_zpsd2b5ba66.jpg http://i1300.photobucket.com/albums/ag81/Beadsbykat/Candy%20Mania/CBM%20Discussion%20Threads/ecbf56f5-65e7-417c-9db5-c3395d557dfe_zps3e04210e.jpg

In the 2nd photo, there aren't any purple matches, nor are there any "full 3-matches" of any color against the rock candies. So you're not getting that automatic clearing of the candies, which make room for new ones to fall in (hopefully, lots of purples, if you're lucky!) So, if you get a board like screenshot 2, just restart the level until you get one with lots of purple candies/good matches. Best of luck! :D

03-22-14, 08:02 PM
I play on iPhone and my level 159 does not look like this. Are some games different than others?
I need help with this level anyone please.

03-23-14, 12:02 AM
Wow! I play on an iPhone, as well--the screenshots above are from my game. But I looked at 159 again, and they've apparently changed it in the past few months. It's not even a gummy bear level anymore! Still, you'd go about passing in a similar way (my tips from the post above the one w/screenshots.) Look for rounds that start with lots of purple jewels (at least one purple match!) & matches that hit "flat" against the ice. Restart the level if you don't have a good board to start with.

Then use matches flat/flush against the ice and/or jawbreakers whenever you can to clear the obstacles quickly. Collect the higher numbered purples (the # gets higher when matches are made next to target candies.) Whenever there are no high # purple candies, focus on clearing the jawbreakers or creating 4 & 5-candy matches (to create special spaces like Sugar Scoops & Sugar Blasts.) Some levels are luckier than others--stick with it, and you'll get that perfect/winning round soon!

Good luck! :D