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12-10-13, 01:55 PM
To be clear I am a huge storm 8 fan. Well over level 200 on Camps zombies, all of them. Finished every quest in kingdoms and have spent $ to do it. I've spent more real money on this game then all the others and and am beyond pissed off. I went from a 100-200 rating, winning on attacks if I picked well to 500-700, can't win and they're are no crowns. It costs too much to battle now that ground forces are useless. I can't believe how much I spent thinking I was building something I'd play for years like the others. I've had it. You guys lost a lot if future $ from me. I use these games to de-stress, not add frustration to my life. Sorry, just spent years playing these games and feeling like dumping them all now. Rant over. Good luck to those of you continuing to play

12-10-13, 01:56 PM
Sorry that meant to read Vamps and Castle Story.

12-10-13, 06:25 PM
I can tell you that my alliance, a former top 20, lost 6 very very active players in the last 2 days due to the changes that converted KC into a tower defense game. They are not coming back. These were very active players, several who had spent real monies on gems. Good going Firemocha.

12-12-13, 12:27 AM
Totally agree. Three Lvl 71 players in my alliance are thinking about quitting too. Even me. Games are supposed to be fun. Fire Mocha just doesn't get it. There management doesn't know how to run a game to be successful. Instead they are trying to over control the players making everyone, especially their high Lvl players, unhappy. They need to revamp the game to allow more than 71 levels. Offer a minimum of 1 crown for every battle. And balance the win loss ratio on crowns. Why risk 38 crowns on a highly defended base when you are likely to lose or get only 1 crown? Irrational.

12-14-13, 07:37 PM
I changed to airships and dragons. NOW IT COSTS 33 gems to re-generate. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????!!!!!
Like a moron I spent a couple hundred $ on this game. Beyond done. You people should be ashamed if yourselves for screwing loyal customers like this. Unbelievable.