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12-08-13, 09:09 AM
this is something like HOT or NOT for dragons xD and also it's a little feedback to our dragon designers :)

i think we all have these dragons we look at and just think: WOW! amazing design! love it :D

but unfortunaley there are also these reactions: eww! this is just ridiculous s: garbage! there are indeed some dragons which weren't created with much love and effort... they sometimes just look like a piece of paper. but luckily there are also amazing dragons who look 3-dimensional, have awesome colors and animations and just look cool! :D

which dragons make you say "WOW *~*" and which ones make you wanna go "YUCK DD:"?

here are my WOW dragon designs:

+Dark Angel (ONLY the epic form!)
+Spirit (ONLY the baby stage..)

in my opinion, these dragon designs were made with loads of love and effort :D

here comes the "EEEWW :(" list xD

-Wild (adult to epic stage)
-Charm (only baby to adult stage, epic form looks fine)
-Double Rainbow
-Troll (only juvenile to adult stage, epic looks really cool!)

how about you?

12-08-13, 12:58 PM
Dragons designed after diamond, firestorm, and familiar are the prettiest in my opinion.

I dislike the designs of wild, island, and magic the most. However, island and magic designs are adorable as babies. I am keeping my boo dragon (same design as magic) a baby because it is so darn cute. I would have done the same for spirit, but I really needed it to breed the combos I wanted.

Dream is also cute as a baby and awful at the other stages, in my opinion.

12-08-13, 01:00 PM
Bubble is also one of my all time favorites, but because it has the "island" design, I don't want to evolve it to epic!!

12-08-13, 09:05 PM
My wow dragons:
Ice cream
Black swan


12-09-13, 07:55 AM
This is difficult for me.

My Topfavorits are:

Helios, Black Angel, Firestorm, Diamond, Jade, Night Elf and Kitsune, Black Swan (I most like the youngest form of it), Peacock (yeah! I have one finally!), Pearl and several more of similar design - all epic. The epic Jade has a special place in my ranglist, because I like asiatic dragons most and this one is the only one dragon in DS that actually looks like an asiatic dragon.

Usually I like all those dragons, a real disliker does not exist for me. All of them need plenty of work to do, even those of less dimensional appearing.

Some irregularities however spring always into my eyes, because I have much to do with design, too: The connection of the Tail and Body of the Epic Kitsune is obviously misplaced a bit - you can see the unicolor connection showing when the Kitsune flies, the Epic Black Angel has only one visible shoulder-plate, instead of two. The second must be seen from the angle this dragon is being viewed. These two things are clear design-mistakes. The Movement of wings of for example Virgo or Stone (both epic) could have been designed better. The newer released dragons seldom if ever have elaborate descriptions for each evolutionary stage - that is a big minus for me.

12-09-13, 08:24 AM
P.S.: Epic Night Elf has a similar error then Kitsune, and the epic Sunrise has only one claw visible, instead of two - which would have been normal, concerning the perspective it is being seen.

12-18-13, 07:08 PM
Most of them don't look like dragons

12-18-13, 10:20 PM
Here are the cool dragon designs for me! (and favourite dragons) :D

+Night Elf
+Double Rainbow
+Ice Cream (YUM!)
+Chocolate (YUM!)

Here are my ugly dragon designs for me! (some I hate,some I like :p) :/

+Sasquatch (definitely)
+Illusion (stalker xD)

That's all I got! I will edit when I have more! ;D

01-06-14, 04:30 PM
I just think coral dragon is a little strange

02-23-14, 02:44 PM
nice thread ! there are indeed some awesome artwork dragons :

1. Rainbow dragon ( awesome colors. awesome design, this dragon is simply amazing at any form )
2. Nightmare dragon ( looks awesome, more like a strange unicorn but still awesome )
3. Jade dragon ( this dragon reminds me of those ancient Chinese dragons )
4. Skeleton dragon ( first 3 headed dragon, this fellow looks like a real bada**; also this dragon is one of my favorites )
5. Black Knight dragon ( this is what i call a scary dragon ! the black-red colors blend very well )
6. Avatar dragon ( beautiful colors, great design, i LOVE this dragon )
7. Cupid dragon ( love the adult and epic forms of this one ! one of my favs )
8. Clockwork dragon ( 2 headed dragon, great design, all those gears looks awesome and original )
9. Raven dragon ( it looks quite scary, a great halloween dragon )
10. Big Bad dragon ( another great looking dragon, it looks like a real beast when you evolve it to epic )
11. Red queen ( not a really big fan of the serpent type, but i have to admit that the Red Queen looks amazing ! The red and white colors look great combined )
12. Summer dragon ( i only like the first 2 forms, this is the "cute" type of dragon, the one you like to keep it as a baby )
13. Black Rose dragon ( the epic form of this dragon looks FABULOUS ! i bought it few hours ago because it looks way 2 cool )
14. Diamond dragon and all its hybrids ( i don't have a diamond yet but i LOVE all diamonds )
15. Valentine dragon ( new design, love the way it looks, i simply love this dragon )

Unfortunately, there are also some ugly dragons. And there are lots of them available for breeding ( or, thank you God, expired ):

1. Poison dragon ( looks cheap, ugly, bad designed; i simply hate everything at this dragon. now that i have a familiar i can sell this dragon )
2. Armor dragon ( 2 small, 2 ugly, 2 green )
3. Athletic dragon ( looks like a little monster, not like a dragon )
4. Bride dragon ( this might be the ugliest bride ever ! only the poison could marry such a dragon )
5. Shell dragon ( looks weird, i don't like it at all )
6. Red lantern dragon ( this one looks like a fat lady in her late 50s )
7. Bat dragon ( TL designers should have used another design for a bat dragon... this is really disappointing )
8. Coral dragon ( Yuck ! This one should expire soon and never come back ! It's UGLY ! very UGLY )
9. Tropic dragon ( i thought this game is about dragons..not about exotic parrots )
10.Night dragon ( this one looks like an ugly girl with horrible ear-rings )
11.Sapphire dragon ( the epic form of this dragon looks weird, especially its face )

kooky panda
02-23-14, 05:23 PM
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