View Full Version : Xmas Content

12-03-13, 12:57 AM
Is there any further Xmas content to be released? Quite disappointed with the meagre selection. I had made space & saved up for a Xmas extravaganza! 😊

12-07-13, 07:09 AM
Ditto. There are many dedicated players of this game that deserve and have paid for better Christmas options. Huge disappointment. At least put some previous ones available if new ones aren't ready or not coming at all.

12-09-13, 03:26 PM
Totally! I had a city previously (Hallowe'en version), but hadn't created a Storm8 ID, upgraded my phone, game lost.....but I had FAB Xmas stuff, lawn decorations, snowy fir trees, decorated Xmas Mall, decorated houses & condo's, Santa's workshop (Industry), bring it back PLEASE!!