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12-01-13, 05:07 AM
I was using an inherited first generation iPad, now I'm using an apple mini, thanks to Black Friday deals. However when I installed farm story 2, it want to start me from scratch. How do I access my current levels on the mini? I also play castle story and city story, but haven't opened those, expecting the same problem.

kooky panda
12-01-13, 11:39 AM
You can use the log on feature to bring your storm ID and all your games over to your new iPad mini! (congrats on getting this!)

If you still have your iPad make sure you have set up a password for your storm ID. (If you storm ID is you forum name, your forum password is your storm ID password)

See post 1 on this thread for more information of how to use this feature.

[iOS & Android] New Login feature in Restaurant Story! (login applies to all games) (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?59955-iOS-amp-Android-New-Login-feature-in-Restaurant-Story!-(login-applies-to-all-games))

12-01-13, 03:57 PM
Thank you. It's pretty cool. I have gone to the first post, and clicked on transferring game at least 6 times and get one of two responses either it's not accepting my password or I get a screen saying I'm not authorized for this. I thought maybe a mod had to do it, that's why I posted here. My old iPad uses a OS 5.1.1. The mini is OS 7.0.4. My password seem to work just fine for signing into the forum.

12-01-13, 03:59 PM
I did try the first post/transfer thing again, before posting this, just to be sure.

kooky panda
12-01-13, 06:34 PM
Is your storm ID roesncards? If so your forum password should work.

If you still have your iPad go under one of the game under menu-help and change your password for your storm ID. (write it down!)
Then try again.

12-01-13, 11:58 PM
The password works just fine when I sign into the forum, at the top of the page, but I'll try it.