View Full Version : Sped up my barracks to level 7 by accident...

11-30-13, 02:08 AM
Argh, I was going to click barracks and then click train... forgetting that I was upgrading the same barracks!! Spent over 350 gems upgrading it. Can someone please please revert that? I need my 350 gems back as I was saving up for a Workshed... now I'm down to 103 gems and sooo far away from buying the Workshed! I originally had around 470 gems and I was almost there!! :(:(:(

I don't mind losing the spellstones that I spent to upgrade that barrack. Can someone please downgrade my barracks level 7 back to level 6, and give me back those 350-ish gems that I used accidentally to upgrade it? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee *cries*

Seriously, there should be a confirmation pop up that says "are you sure you want to complete the upgrade with 350 gems instantly" to prevent these accidents. The "Train" button has the same placement as the button that use gems to speed up the upgrades! I'm really, really upset now because I thought I was realllllly close to getting that workshed! QAQ

11-30-13, 10:06 AM
This entire game needs confirmation screens. I did the same thing when looking at shields. I wanted to see how long the cool down was, but instead of pressing the "I" it went ahead and purchased the shield. 300 gems just gone. Not to mention the occasional slip when hitting "next" in battle mode and starting a fight by mistake.

11-30-13, 10:10 AM
Sadly we don't have anything to fix this

kooky panda
11-30-13, 10:59 AM
I am really sorry this happened!
For loss of gems, you will need to contact support@firemocha.com for assistance.