View Full Version : Loss of crowns despite winning the battle

11-28-13, 05:25 PM
I returned to the game today and noticed I had lost a battle. I replayed the battle and they only did 30% total damage yet it counted as a loss for me and I lost 22 crowns....

I would like to be refunded my crowns as well as the crowns I should have gotten from the attacker. Can somone please look into this fight.

Thank you

11-28-13, 05:51 PM
Hello! Sorry to hear about that. To report a cheater in Kingdom Clash, could you please do the following.

Please Submit A Request, select Report A Player and provide the following details in the Description:

Kingdom Name You Wish to Report:
Approximate Date/Time of Battle:
Crowns Lost:
Coins Lost:
Spellstone Lost:

To share any information you have about cheats or hacks in Kingdom Clash:

Please email support@firemocha.com or Submit A Request, select Report a Bug/Game Issue.