View Full Version : close your shop

11-26-13, 07:30 PM
Some people don't play daily. People want to store up on food, so that when they return they can continue to play, but can't because the store must be open 24/7. I think you should come up with a solution, other than what everyone is attempting to do, which is putting an object in front of their door to keep people out. Which obviously messes up the game, you begin to get ghosts eating your food.

12-01-13, 04:33 AM
I totally agree. I have not quite figured out how many plates I need for how much time, so I have started "closing" my bakery by putting a counter in front of the door. But sometimes I have come back to my food being eaten anyway. Please give us a Closed sign.

12-02-13, 06:02 AM
there are different strategies on how to stock up food for several days without closing your bakery. just browse the forums.

you can try to bake 22hr/1day-foods like red velvet cake on 4 or more ovens and when ready, pile them up on ONE counter til you reach an amount of a few thousands. then go on with the next 1day-recipes. if they are all on one counter, they will sell slower. plus if you don't have much time to play, you only need to check in once a day when your food is ready.

or you can change your layout to slow down the bots. someone here on the forums made a spiral layout with the cashier and only a few tables and chairs in the middle, so customers have to walk a looong way before they actually sit and get something from your counters.

i don't know if the layout thing works, but piling up does work fine for me and lasts for several days before being completely sold out. hope this was helpful :)