View Full Version : Trading with neighbours!

11-22-13, 04:32 AM
I know we can give neighbours gifts, but that's only once a day (for one item) and only 3 neighbours (feel really guilty when I leave some out).. some sort of trade/barter-ing system would also be nice to have (to prolong the length of the game, by all means limit this to one per week/day, it's still something that would be great as a backup). I know that's why there is the Exchange now to try and use up our resources so our inventory is not always at 99... but sometimes you just need something immediately, so trading x amount with a neighbour would be nice to have, especially when quests have a time limit, and here you are twiddling your thumbs waiting for the time to pass by so you can collect ONE more glimmerdust, milk or egg.

That's my ramble, but some food for thought. Other than that, this is the longest game I've ever played, and made the effort to transfer over all my devices. And that's three so far.

11-23-13, 01:41 PM
I agree - I am maxed out on fur and would love to trade with a neighbour who has heaps of coal. Gifting limit of three makes me feel mean too when four neighbours or more have sent gifts and I have to choose between them