View Full Version : Energy Bonus with any major Gem Building purchase

11-21-13, 09:33 PM
Just a suggestion, but would it be possible for a full energy recharge or a 40 energy bolt to drop after purchasing and placing a major gem purchased building or Animal? (Like after purchasing the Barracks, Wizard School or Dragon)

I think if a player spent that big chunk of Gems on a building or animal, it would be really, really nice if they got a full 40 energy recharge or have the 40 energy recharge bolt to drop.

Although it's a relatively small gift with the purchase, it would 1) encourage players to extend their playtime for just a little bit longer and 2) positively reward the gem purchase behavior.

The energy bolt already drops from the Alicorn, so the asset already exists within the game.
Players get an energy recharge when their Kingdom hits a higher level.

....so since the tech already exists within the game, would it be possible for TeamLava to work their behind-the-scenes mojo and hook up either energy reward to those types of Gem-purchases?

Thanks for listening!

12-05-13, 11:17 AM
Yup that's another thing that would be great spending real money on a little carton building is hard enough. These games are a constant investment for the players who spend money while it makes team lava brilliant that thank you would be nice