View Full Version : Problem with warehouse and missing pilot

11-20-13, 10:12 AM
Since the last update with the animal skins, my pilot is missing when the plane is sitting. Will disappear when I collect upon his return. Will appear when sending the order. Also, the order ready lights on the second row don't coincide with the actual order that's ready. (And on my other iPad the second row, second spot is empty now when inside the warehouse.) anyways, this iPad is version 5.1.1 and is farm story 2 1.6 and I have reloaded the game and done the hard restart. Just turning on and off made my missing animals come back but did nothing for the warehouse.

11-20-13, 10:30 AM
I hadn't noticed the pilot missing - maybe he gets to go in the warehouse when he's not working? ;) But I'll ask to be sure.

I did report about the warehouse lights on top and order areas - hopefully it will be fixed in the next update.

[S8] Regina
11-20-13, 11:35 AM
In regards to the Pilot, that's by game design. Only when you tap "Send" for a delivery, will he then show up and delivery the goodies.

For the display issue on the Warehouse, this is known, and being investigated by the Engineering Team. Thanks!