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11-19-13, 07:15 PM
1. Do you guys have any plan of implementing social features? Such as: private messages, walls, friend list, online status, etc.
2. Any feature milestone that you can disclose? Such as donation history?
3. There is usually a time where we are always matched with 0 crown battles or low level players. Is that due to you guys are tweaking the match making mechanism or is it simply because everyone is either under shield or online?

11-20-13, 12:35 PM
Thanks for these suggestions! I'll run these by the team along with some other great suggestions we've received and see what I can share with you all about some upcoming, possible, or unlikely updates! :)

11-28-13, 06:14 PM
Questions for Frozen Turtle!

My logs (diagnostic and usage data) are showing that the Artwork that is being uploaded that comes with updates was causing KC to crash? During system maintenance was anything being downloaded or uploaded to my cell?

Also in the app store the Kingdom Clash app under the version history tab the updates v1.3, v1.3.2 and v1.3.2 all have same statement in regards to update?

Under the in app purchases its showing different gem amounts for purchases as well as the ones available to me, but sure would like the 99.99 for 15,000 gems instead of 12,000..