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11-18-13, 09:11 PM
Yes, the alliance is called Worst Alliance Ever. We're disbanded members of an old alliance looking to regroup and rebuild. The only thing we require is that you are active and that you donate. At the moment we have 5 members with crowns ranging from 1500-2000 but we don't require a [high] set amount of crowns (as long as you're active).

Worst Alliance Ever.


11-19-13, 12:23 AM
I love the name. Mark my words, you are destined for greatness. Best of luck, WAE. We may clash one day on the battlefield.

11-25-13, 05:45 AM
See? Less than a week old and ranked #35 already!

12-18-13, 12:53 PM
Yeah, we did pretty well in a short amount of time.