View Full Version : Attacked with shild up

11-18-13, 06:47 AM
So I was just attacked by Aaart and lost 25 crowns. While my shild was up and I Was online with 6 minutes left on my shield... just 5 miniutes ago.

11-18-13, 07:11 AM
LOL, the bug is getting weirder and more

11-18-13, 07:44 AM
LOL, the bug is getting weirder and more wtf

Yea, I am sick of it.. I want to quit playing by as an alliance leader, 50 other people count on me. This week has been bug after bug after bug.

11-18-13, 11:22 AM
Do you remember if you browsed for opponents? There was a recent change that disables your shield when you begin browsing, rather than if you actually initiate an attack.

12-12-13, 09:25 AM
I was attacked three times with shield up. I did an individual mission, but afterwards I still had a shield. When I returned to the game I had been attacked. I've lost over 900,000 in resources because of this... Ten times what I got from the missions. :(