View Full Version : i lose 34 cr when my opponent hit 47% against me

11-18-13, 03:56 AM
I should have won the defence battle instead of losing, right?

granath from team mad cow is the player who attack.

can you kindly view the battle and revert?

thank you.


11-18-13, 04:51 AM
Good luck with that

11-18-13, 05:45 AM
That's a bug and it seems to work for and against offense and defense. I have wiped out bases 100% but then the summary screen tells me I only won 97% and I did not get the full number of crowns. The missing 3% is the constant here. I think there is a building that is not calculating properly when destroyed. I have to wonder if you got the lost and the offense also lost.

11-18-13, 06:10 AM
It happened to me 3 days ago. My base was only 42% destroyed by Riconumberone, but I lost the battle. No response yet from the support. Dunno if it's the same issue or not.

11-18-13, 12:37 PM
Thanks for these reports! We'll take a look. For any additional reports, please adhere to the following:

To report a cheater in Kingdom Clash:

Please Submit A Request (http://support.storm8.com/anonymous_requests/new), select Report A Player and provide the following details in the Description:

Kingdom Name You Wish to Report:
Approximate Date/Time of Battle:
Crowns Lost:
Coins Lost:
Spellstone Lost:

To share any information you have about cheats or hacks in Kingdom Clash:

Please email support@firemocha.com or Submit A Request (http://support.storm8.com/anonymous_requests/new), select Report a Bug/Game Issue.

As always, we would like to sincerely thank you for all your patience while we work through this issue and provide you all with a fair and balanced game to enjoy!