View Full Version : JOIN Dragons Wrath! Elite Players ONLY

11-17-13, 11:14 PM
Hi Everyone! I am BRATZILLA!
Come and Join me as we rule Kingdom Clash. Alliance is set for High Ranking Players Only. Are you one of them? Be with the best of the Best!!! See you in there! Pm me if your interested to JOIN!!! First Come First Serve Basis! I donate all maxed lvl troops and so are the great players who are with me now! Wizzards lvl4, Bears lvl5, Dragons, Mages, Knights...anything you desire are all unlimitted stocks! 1,800 crowns required to enter! Our alliance is all about FUN, FUN, FUN...see you soon!

11-18-13, 12:45 AM
Interesting you have space for another 11 players.
If that is filled up, you will rank top 10.

Good Luck, I do not qualify though.

11-28-13, 07:35 PM
Hi guys! Vendetta here. Latest update about Dragons Wrath currently Ranked 4 around the world. Our aim is to have the most elite players. We are now 2 weeks old. Reaching that rank in 2 weeks aint bad huh? Anyway, we are now open for recruiting, 2k crowns to enter. Pm me if interested. Pls. check also on players rankings, we have the most count in top 50. So yeah, actions speaks louder than words. Ciao