View Full Version : Is anyone else having problems getting onto FS2?

11-17-13, 08:22 AM
It crashed for me this morning, and says I do not have an Internet connection, but I obviously do. I can get onto CS.

Also, what is with the support tab one the upper left of these forum screens? I tap on it, and it says the feature is not available to me as it needs an "open" account.

11-17-13, 09:27 AM
I'm having trouble with a few of TLs games. Some i can log into and play and some i cannot. This happened last night as well and has been going on for a couple of hours now.
Also the forums are sluggish at best.....
Moderators, is there a problem with the servers?

kooky panda
11-17-13, 09:58 AM
The team is working on the server issues !
I have not had any issues with Farm 2 today.
Try force closing (http://forum.storm8.com/showthread.php?61422-How-to-force-close-out-your-games-(IOS))the game.