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11-15-13, 09:33 AM
A neighbor I have says she has Never had a Black Friday sale(long time player).isnt the Black Friday sale sent out to EVERYONE?i know the normal sales are random,but I'm positive the Black Friday sales go out to everyone,can a TL employee confirm this? Thank you!(and boost the drop rate on the saws,pretty please!:)

11-15-13, 02:13 PM
Ummm,hello? Thought somebody woulda answered by now,maybe by Monday,have a great weekend!:3

11-18-13, 07:40 AM
Ok,weekend is over,so can someone who has had their coffee please give me an answer,I'm only asking for a neighbor,thank you,and hope your hangover has worn off:)

11-18-13, 02:19 PM
C'mon,please can somebody put me outta my misery and answer,thank you!

11-18-13, 02:32 PM
Remember farm story 2 wasn't around at last years black Friday.

11-18-13, 02:35 PM
Hi mamareader02,

Support and Community Managers are very limited on the weekend :P

Unfortunately you cannot speculate on any sales or details for sales in advance. Once we know, you will know. Just keep your eyes open for posts under the Announcements section.

11-18-13, 04:03 PM
I know fs2 wasn't around last year,but normally even new games participate in the Black Friday sale,usually for newer games it's the first sale ever(I believe castle was the newest last year to join in the sale).ive participated in 2-3 Black Friday sales on TL games,so I just thought it was the one day that everyone got the sales,unlike the normal daily random sales.thank you for responding,appreciate it

11-18-13, 04:47 PM
I would think it would be more appropriate for a cyber Monday sale :)