View Full Version : Glimmer shards

11-14-13, 10:48 PM
Is there any other way to get glimmer shards than the little troll guy (forgot their name...golem?) that used to come from the gate before it was closed? The gate is now closed and I don't seem to get any more of those trolls (thankfully since they wasted ten energy) but I don't have enough to build the witch's house. :mad:

11-14-13, 11:12 PM
Huh... just collect from the gate, you are going to wish It was not closed, but there is a small chance you get both item drops that used to drop from the trolls just from collecting, you can also get some from Greselda's Castle but I guess thats pointless by then

11-15-13, 01:03 AM
I had noticed that I wasn't getting drops from the gate after it was closed. I just collected again to see if that was the case but I got both shards and dusts. So as mikado said just keep collecting from the gate and you'll eventually get the drops.

11-15-13, 05:07 AM
I am currently at the 'craft feast' stage. When I collect from the glimmergate I often get dust and shards. If this drop becomes more rare after the gate is closed (not sure I know when that happens, but thought it might be the next step) should I just keep collecting for now and hold off on making that last feast? I currently have 10 dust and 13 shards. Not sure how many I need and what for.