View Full Version : Add a WANT ads building and/or newspaper

11-13-13, 07:43 AM
There are many difficult to find items. It would be nice to have the ability to post at least ONE want ad a day for an item, quantity and price. Needing an apple butter and simply spending an hour laughing at overpriced milk and wheat is a bad experience.

11-17-13, 04:10 PM
I kind of see whe you're going. I have a couple adapted versions of that suggestion:

1. Have a wanted sign in your shop, and when someone visits, they can click the sign and (just like selling something) select an item, price, and quantity. Ten when you next visit your shop, you see (as if someone just bought your item) the item, price, quantity, and user icon. But instead of "collect" you see "buy". You can then buy the item you wanted.

2. Simple have a newspaper search feature and search for the item you want.

11-20-13, 09:28 AM
A search feature is plausable but it would need to be icon/image based.

Example: I need/want a candle. I search a ton of friends and the newspaper for 30 minutes and find nothing. I think having a bit of this 'hunting' element is good for the game, users NEED that challenge. On the other hand, the need a little taste of success as well to keep them going. Let them click on an item they need (in the train or plane) and place a 'want ad'. Sellers (instead of buyers) can find these ads and sell to them.