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11-12-13, 10:49 PM
sometimes i dont know the recipe are complete or not, it just yellow bar and number 4, at least u make it number 5 s people know thats complete recipe, same as bakery story. or can u just make it a golden star logo to complete recipe, or if thats so hard to make, just change the yellow bar into mastery number (0/100)

thanks for the great game.

03-09-14, 06:50 AM
I agree. A mastery number would be more useful than the bar. I like your suggestion of 0/100. Please teamlava, help us out!

03-15-14, 07:39 AM
The gold star is a good idea . It really would demonstrate you had mastered the recipe. If not a gold star them some sort of Team Lava symbol of success. Then once you had finished all recipes on an oven you could give a certificate for your wall which in my opinion would be nicer than hanging all those utensils.

03-15-14, 06:09 PM
If I had a penny 4 every time this has been suggested I'd b able 2 own the company that oversees the Storm8 games. U all aren't the 1st 2 make this recommendation and u won't b the last.

05-14-14, 07:18 AM
I second this. I am struggling to see if I am all the way to the end of 4 or not, and my memory is bad so at times I cannot remember if it is mastered or has a little way to go. This goes for both BS and RS

05-16-14, 10:11 AM
I agree! I still can't tell if I finished some, because they show a tiny white slice, but it never goes away, and I don't think I ever got the gems or notice... It would really make it easier to tell in a glance!