View Full Version : Pit trap

11-12-13, 04:09 PM
Why is the pit trap so lag to activate?? I even often see troops just walk through it without it being activated, especially a bunch of troops together. Or is it designed for only activated when 1-3 troops walk over it? But passed a cluster of 5 or more troops walking through it together??

11-23-13, 06:35 AM
I've begun noticing big lag, group of bears then archers ran over pit trap, then activated 15 sec later.!! Have it on replay and took screenshots.

11-27-13, 02:40 PM
Yes, this needs to be fixed! There are so many issues with this game and it's so frustrating! 12 bears walked right over my pit fall and NOTHING. I am so glad I haven't spent any money on this game.

11-27-13, 07:38 PM
lol and the opposite is true with big bombs. aA troop can be like 10 paces away and it will activate. There needs to be a delay, and it should only go off once the troop STEPS on it!

01-26-14, 11:06 AM
Is there any news on the trap who not went off?
It happen so often, that's it's make you very angry.

01-26-14, 02:08 PM
Mine isn't laggy. Matter if fact, it seems to know in advance when troops are near. Because it goes off BEFORE troops are on it. Guess its a before and after trap. Not right on time trap.

01-28-14, 09:58 PM
Yea my big bomb traps go off with out killing anyone :( what?? It blows up before troops step on it or after wards :( pls fix, also my portal troops are disappearing? When I log back on it shows that 1hrs ago I was attacked, but I've been playing on line all along? Why is this happening?? I hate it cuz I don't use up my portal troops unless I get attacked.

01-28-14, 10:55 PM
The pit trap has been fixed for quite a while. It used to be very lagged and not sensitive, passing on enemy troops walking over it. It is much better now.

As for bombs, they have one square range that will triggered off the bombs when enemy troops enter the range.