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11-09-13, 04:21 AM
Hey all,

Stupid question coming up about the stars at the bottom of your screen (above the name of the room):
Is it useful to get all 5 of them before moving on to the next room?
So far I have Bingo Beach and Disco City complete (stars and collection) and the collection of Jackpot Jungle (3 stars) and Taste of Paris (2 stars) complete too.
Does anyone know please? :)

11-13-13, 08:10 AM
You get a gem for each star that you earn. I don't bother to keep playing in a room after I complete the collection, but that's a personal choice. Keep playing if you want the gems!

11-14-13, 05:29 AM
So that's what the stars are for! Thanks for your reply :)