View Full Version : Level 211 not loading

11-07-13, 01:14 PM
Hi there,

Level 211 is not loading the island does not seem to load except for a plain white cloud. Please help. Also as soon as I load the app on an island far far away there is a lock on an island that does not load. When I try to open the island there is an 'oh darn' error message.

1) Support ID: DYRXRM
2) IPhone- IOS
3) iOS 7.0.3

Cant wait till its up and running again! I have bubbles to pop!

Thanks you!!!

11-07-13, 01:38 PM
Hello Ptalk and thanks for providing us with the information on your issue! Being able to see the the loading island far away is a known issue that our Engineering Department is looking into. As for the current progress you have, you will need to accumulate additional Star Ranks from previous levels to access that island. I recommend you head back to your previous islands and try to max out your stars on the easier levels. Hope this helps!