View Full Version : "OH DARN! Downloding. Please wait"

11-05-13, 11:12 PM
I get that message everytime i try to enter a map, and all a see is clouds (se picture). I have had this problem in two mouths and i have tryed to restart the game several times and also deleted and reinstalled it with the same resulte.

1) Support ID: QVTVQ3
2) IPhone
3) iOS 7.0.3

Because i dident get a awnser in a nother thread a create my own.

Plz, i want this fixed!11170

// Johan

11-06-13, 10:20 AM
Our engineers are aware of the issue. I took a look at your account and you have not yet reached these islands. Please continue to play and these islands should unlock normally. :)