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11-05-13, 08:36 AM
I've already reported this to support@firemocha.com. I didn't use the 'report a player' link because there are three total players involved (including me) and I don't think any of them are hacking. I am repeating it here in case anyone else experienced this.

I've seen other players falsely accused of hacking on this forum (with no apology for the accusation, nor any public clearing from FM even though they reinstated the player) so let me be clear, I DON'T think the players mentioned in these attacks are hackers.


Overnight vassago from DevilsAdvocate attacked me, got 88% of my base, BUT I was awarded 13 crowns even though I lost. This makes me look like a hacker. Attack Log says vassago used 130 archers, 10 bears, 5 demos, 1 mage & alliance troops.

Later vkt from DevilsAdvocate attached me, got 31% of my base, BUT the attacker was awarded 3 crowns even though he lost. This makes vkt look like a hacker. Attack Log says vkt used 110 archers, 20 bears & alliance troops.

I initially thought maybe the replays were reversed, but I watched both replays several times and confirmed which troops were seen in the replay and the replays for each attack matched the troops used in the attack log for that attacker.

I've attacked and been attacked by both these players on multiple occasions and not seen anything hacker'ish. And I am not hacking, so there is something else going on.

*Attack Details*
Player Name: vassago from DevilsAdvocate
Attack Time: Nov 5, 12:15am CST
vassago lost 13 crowns, should have won 13 crowns

Player Name: vkt from DevilsAdvocate
Attack Time: Nov 5, 12:20am CST
vkt won 3 crowns, should have lost 3 crowns

I realize that I lose 10 crowns in this exchange but I would rather have fair play than 10 crowns.


No need to reply to this thread unless you've experienced something similar. Just wanted it out there.

11-05-13, 02:24 PM
Thanks for reporting this! Our engineers took a look at this and did notice an issue with replays that involve towers under construction. They have confirmed that the results of the battle (Crowns/Resources lost or gained) are accurate even if the replays show something different. They're working on a fix for this for a future update.