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11-03-13, 03:32 PM
hello @ all

i have a ipad and the following problem.
when i try in bingo or slots to connect to facebook then show me the facebook app a white screen and do nothing....
have anyone an idea??? pls helb me!

sory 4 my english ...i'm from germany ^^

11-03-13, 10:51 PM
Try to clear data

11-04-13, 02:10 AM
thx 4 ur answer...!
you mean my cookies or which data?
cookies are reset ...
both apps are deleated and new installed... nothing help...
with my iphone i have the same problems... but only shark party apps ...the others work... :(

11-04-13, 02:20 AM
few minutes ago...i downloaded poker and this app can connect with fb ... -.-
what i do wrong by bingo and slots? :(