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11-02-13, 04:29 AM
I am currently at level 99 and during my time playing I "met" a lot of korean-pop/japan-rock fans.
SO PLEASE(!!!!!!), I beg you team lava!
Do some asian (korean/japan or chinese style) furniture!!! That would be absolutely great.

To everyone who likes this idea: Leava a comment ^w^ I am just curious what your ideas/suggestions are.

12-02-14, 01:28 AM
I love this idea too :)

I think Bakery Story has already added some Japanese-style furniture in an October update this year:

table: Shoji (2 gems)
chair: Shoji (21.000 coins)
counter: Shoji (41.000 coins)
floor decoration: Maple Bonsai Tree (30.000 coins)
floor decoration: Shoji Display Case (16 gems)
floor decoration: Zen Garden (36 gems)
wall decoration: Shoji Sconce (13.500 coins)
wall decoration: Paper Lanterns (2 gems)
wallpaper: Shoji (14.500 coins)
floor tile: Bamboo (10.000 coins)

- all found on Bakery Story Wikia's weekly update archive. :)

12-02-14, 08:30 PM
We sure have plenty asian themed items... I would not mind more, but only w a related goal and recipes. please! :)