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10-29-13, 05:32 AM
Ok, so I've expanded to the fishing pond but I haven't gotten any quests regarding the fishes. And I can't do anything with the fish either. I'm at Lv 16.

10-29-13, 08:50 AM
Sell the fish until you get close to level 18,and price those puppies high,you'll make guaranteed coinage quick!:)

10-29-13, 01:11 PM
I reached the pond at level 15 and just sold all the fish I caught since there are no orders for them until later levels. Pretty good profit since the bait is just wheat and corn. I wish I was able to buy bait from other people though since each one took 1.5 hrs to make.

kooky panda
10-29-13, 02:47 PM
Until you need the fish for the train, plane orders, and recipes, sell the fish in the market. I know I am always looking for fish to buy!! :)

10-31-13, 03:06 PM
There are 3 types of fish. Little anchovies get used in pizza; gets sold in shop for max of 192. The next one is catfish, that gets used in a recipe to make breaded fish that gets sold in store for at max 308. The bass I have not seen used in crafting or recipes, but it sells for 220 max, and is great for income, but the rarest of the fish you can catch...

10-31-13, 03:07 PM
And yes kooky, I too often buy fish ... Even at max price! That, bacon, and iron ores are my favorite ones to buy!

10-31-13, 03:08 PM
I hope they turn out more kinds of fish soon. It gets boring only having 3 types. Or they could bring back fabled getting items from fishing lol that would be really great.

10-31-13, 04:44 PM
I agree. I have had rare drops fishing, like bricks and paint, but that seems to happen about once every 2 weeks... Not very often at all.

10-31-13, 04:51 PM
I've only had my pond for about a week and never gotten anything but fish so I hope that will change soon! I saw some comments from months ago about people getting items from it so I thought maybe they changed it so we don't get them anymore but if you had one not long ago that's good news.

11-01-13, 06:15 AM
Go to a neighbor's farm (one you might not hear much from) and hide them behind his/her barn. They'll find them in a few days when they really start to stink! ;)

11-01-13, 11:39 AM
Go to a neighbor's farm (one you might not hear much from) and hide them behind his/her barn. They'll find them in a few days when they really start to stink! ;)
So that's what I've been smelling! It's been driving my piggies crazy. They've covered their entire pen in drool.

11-01-13, 11:40 AM
Oops, sorry.

11-01-13, 12:59 PM
LOL! Thanks guys for the suggestions! I'm on Level 17 right now so I'll sell my beloved fishies until I can do something with them.

05-26-14, 06:42 PM
Here's a question for the forum gurus.. why is it at levels below 20 I can expand to the fish pond, make bait, sell bait, fish etc. in the fish pond but I cannot buy bait from the side stores? If I see bait listed in the neighbors side stores it says locked til level 20... why is this?

btw, this is on one of my alternate farms on an iphone 4 using another storm8id. My main farm is at level 57... and when I try to sell bait in my side store I cannot buy the same bait in my other stores because they are at levels 16 and 18...

why is this?