View Full Version : When we will have some Eid staff For middle east staff

10-29-13, 04:45 AM
Dear sir i am really happy to have this game and i reach last level 99 ..but my question is i sow goals for itch celebration like Halloween Valentin or kris miss But i never sow some thing talking about middel east celebration or Goals Like Eid for muslim majority Wish u read my msg and think about it And how we report some one who come to my wall and say many bad words how i can stop them .. Thank u

10-29-13, 04:51 AM
Dear sir there is any way to buy the old staff or goals that not open i will buy them with my gems if u can help me i need some new design floor and tables an wall paper that only u can have it with gems and thank u dear

[S8] Elsa
10-29-13, 11:42 AM
Hi, sander477. Thank you for sharing your feedback for our games. We try to include many different cultures in our games. I'll be sure to share with the team that you'd like to see more holidays represented in our in-game content.

Sorry to hear that you're experiencing an in-game behavior issue. To report another player, please send an email to support@teamlava.com. Be sure to include a screenshot of the content and the Storm8 ID of the player you're reporting.

We're not able to extend previously seasonal or limited time content. However, there may be similar items in the future you may enjoy.