View Full Version : Advice needed on next purchase

10-28-13, 08:53 AM
I saved up coins and recently purchased the jewelsmith. I'm not overly happy with it.

My next purchase I was thinking either the deli or the juicer. I realized I should be able to buy the beehive around the time I have enough saved up.

So, what am I going to get the most of my money for - the beehive, deli or juicer?


10-28-13, 09:37 AM
The delis items makes good money through sell and deliveries.

10-28-13, 10:00 AM
The delis items makes good money through sell and deliveries.

Yup,and fried catfish also sell quick!

10-28-13, 07:38 PM
I had the same dilemma when came across juicer or deli...
May be I list out what u can make with both machine, better decision for which to go:
Tomato juice: 3 tomatoes + 3 peppers, 30 mins, max price $140
Citrus juice: 2 lemons + 2 oranges, 40 mins, max price $94
Veggie juice: 2 carrots + 2 spinach + 2 apples, 1 hr, max price $168

Catfish sandwich: 2 spinach + 1 bread + 2 catfishs, 2 hr, max price $322
Salad: 2 carrots + 3 spinach + 2 tomatoes, 3 hr, max price$213
BLT: 1 bread + 2 bacon + 2 spinach + 2 tomatoes, 4 hr, max price $231

I would said both are good for money return, but deli takes longer time to cook :)

10-29-13, 04:52 AM
I would say go for the juicer as production time is fast & the juices sell quick,

10-31-13, 04:50 PM
I agree. I did honey thing first, deli next, and next will be juicer. I wish I had done it the other way around. Juicer, deli and then bee thing. I only collect from bee thing when I have a delivery that needs some of that stud. Each collection from bee thing requires 4 open spots. I have issues when I collect and don't have enough spots, and finding 4 free slots is sometimes a challenge. It also does not sell well in shop...

For the deli I have been doing salad. Not high enough level for BLT. I like to use fish to make the fried fish sticks, instead of the deli fish sandwich, so to me, the deli is not quite so good. I don't have juicer yet!