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10-27-13, 02:02 PM
Is there anyway of getting the dragon and sheep without paying ? Cause if we have to pay what's the point in the task ? Seems like the game just wants our money . Also why would you make the alicorn take 7 days to harvest ? That's just outrageous . I love playing this game but it is getting to the point where everything just takes to long. Is that ever gonna change ?

10-27-13, 03:34 PM
Is there anyway of getting the dragon and sheep without paying ?

Dragon: egg from the Forgotten Roost and burning ember from the desert sand adventure - hatch the egg in the magic forge, obviously getting the parts can take forever... Sheep can come as rare drops from adventures, got a white sheep from the ancient vault adventure today.

10-27-13, 03:39 PM
Technically you don't need to have any sheep. Prime cuts can drop from cows and wool drops from stables. As for the dragon, yes it can take awhile but it is definitely possible to get one for free as plby has outlined.

10-27-13, 06:51 PM
I need the Golden Fleece and that comes for a sheep so how do I get a sheep without paying with cash ? If your saying to go on quest I've been doing that and still nothing all you get from that is benches and decorations things we don't need .

10-27-13, 07:37 PM
Golden Fleece drops as well from... Hatchery? or Stables, whichever is the one that drops Wool, I cant (nor care) to tell them apart.

10-27-13, 07:48 PM
I read around and found that out mikado86 it will take a a miracle for that to happen .