View Full Version : Disappearing land deeds

10-27-13, 12:55 PM
Twice now my plane has come back with a land deed, but the land deed doesn't show up in my inventory. Now I know that my barn is full at times, and that may be the reason why it simply vanishes. However, since I can be at 195/200 and buy 6 quiches and thereby having 201/200 items in my barn why doesn't it work the same for the (unexpected, but very welcome) land deeds? That seems unfair to me. :(

11-16-13, 01:25 PM
I've been having this same exact problem. I got one land deed through a delivery, then two through the marketplace, but none of them has shown up in my barn. I've closed down the program and restarted to no avail. I don't understand because it let me buy them so my barn being too full shouldn't be an excuse. Please fix this!

11-17-13, 08:11 PM
Strange. What level are you guys on!