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10-26-13, 03:37 PM
Hi everyone. I have an Ipad and would like to know where to get the cute hearts and other icons pple use to post on walls? Can anyone help. Loving this game.

10-26-13, 08:46 PM
Depending on your device version (not game), you can either download an Emoji app (for older devices), or just activate it (newer devices). I'm pretty sure iPad 2 and newer have it, I'm just not sure about first gens.

To activate it, go to your iPad Settings, General, Keyboard, Keyboards (yes, a second one), Add New Keyboard. Select Emoji from the list. Make sure it saves, exit out, and open anything (a game, Safari, etc) that you can open your keyboard. There will be a new symbol on the bottom left side, a sphere with lines in it (almost like a globe). Press that, and a new keyboard will open - with lots of pretty icons :)

10-26-13, 10:39 PM
1st gen iPad - yep, had it. {*^_^*} Remember though, your android nbrs can't see those. They'll either show up as blank space, empty boxes, or sometimes they turn into weird stuff, like math symbols. It's dumb. :mad:

Also, for the fancy/funky lettering you see, the Greek keyboard is used a lot. Note that upper/lowercase look VERY different on that one! It also tries to group certain combinations together into different characters, so watch for that.

Russian, Macedonian, and Serbian (Cyrillic) are very similar but each has a few unique characters the other two don't have. Same note about upper/lowercase on those. Bunch of neat ones.

Japanese (Kana) has a bunch of pre-made smileys, hit the '123', then the face button at the bottom. Mine show up across the top of the whole keyboard with an arrow at the far right end to expand the selection window up, it was different on my iPod but I don't remember exactly how, so just play around til you figure it out. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Cherokee has very pretty characters, but android can't see those either.(−_−;)

Geek-style fun: Add all those keyboards and play with them in Notes - compare Greek's rows in upper and lowercase, for example. I wanna change my game names to some wild looking stuff but I still can't bring myself to spend ten gems lol. {>.<}

10-26-13, 10:44 PM
P.S. That globe greygull mentioned, that's what switches between keyboards, and if you do add more than just emoji, it's waaay easier to switch if you hold it for a second until a list pops up, then slide your finger to the one you want and let go. Tapping through this many keyboards one at a time to get back to English from emoji got old quick before I knew I could do that lol. ^_^