View Full Version : I sure do miss my bakery (and restaurant, too)

01-07-11, 09:02 AM
Hi Team Lava-

My iPad crashed on New Year's Eve. I had built my restaurant up to level 35, and bakery up to level 29, and lost them when I my device was replaced. I've opened two tickets (one on January 1, another follow up yesterday) and haven't had any response other than the auto-bounce back message. I'd like to move my bakery and restaurant to my new device, but cannot use the automated method because I was unable to synch the old device (and thus obtain the UDID) when it crashed. I have started a new restaurant, bakery and city on this new iPad but would like them replaced with my originals.

Storm8 account name: graciebe11e
Type: Restaurant Story (level 35-Simply Delish) and Bakery Story (level 29)
Replacement iPads UDID: e626b3acfd12b9e554c6fd0e3d90020f63800f8d

Please help, thanks