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10-25-13, 05:07 PM
Okay so why not offer this package way before when may e most have already purchased the haunted house with 100 gems?

Value pack : 20,000 coins 60 gems and haunted house for 1.99

I would so buy that if I had not already spent 100 gems on haunted house

Can teamlava take my house and give me back 100 gems and then I'll purchase this package?

I don't need 2 haunted house

[S8] Regina
10-25-13, 05:36 PM
Please write to support@teamlava.com for more assistance on this matter. Thank you! :)

10-25-13, 05:58 PM
Please write to support@teamlava.com for more assistance on this matter. Thank you! :)

Thanks will do

10-25-13, 07:40 PM
What value pack? Why do I never get the value pack deals? This kinda sucks.....I live in the same house as 2 other people who play this game, 1 gets the value pack 3 times now. the other and myself NEVER get it at all.

10-25-13, 07:42 PM
Mines is a bat on the tree, 40 gems and some coin amount for .99 gems. Maybe they didn't know they'd do the value pack and that's why they probably won't give the gems spent back. They had no idea who would buy what and when.

I didn't jump to buy any Halloween decor for gems and could care less about a bat tree. But I'd love the gems. Since one little click took sixteen away, not even one minute after I got 30 for free. Now that is upsetting.

10-26-13, 02:09 AM
I got the value pack offered too! But mine was 2000coins + 40 gems + 1 snoozing bat for $1.28(U.P$6.98). =.=" Sadly, they will never get a single cent from me. Wahaha! XD

10-26-13, 05:13 AM
It looks like different users got different value packs. Both my iPad and iPhone got the offer at 2,000 coins + 60 gems + Haunted House for $1.99 (USD).

10-26-13, 11:24 AM
I'd prefer the value pack with the haunted house offer in it. Man, why did I get such a lousy deal?! I was wondering if they will offer another value pack after the next server reset or something. Or am I stuck with the worst deal ever till it expired off? :(