View Full Version : Game won't load

10-23-13, 07:45 AM
I have been trying to play but it's telling me this game is an online game and it needs to be connected
The device is connected and all other game work just fine fix this please

10-23-13, 05:53 PM
It's been a day and nothing has changed

10-23-13, 05:59 PM
Hi psotnik,

Have you tried force closing the app? If that hasn't helped, sometimes a fresh install of the game will do the trick.

If the problem continues please let us know or contact our support team (support@storm8.com)


10-23-13, 06:10 PM
What will happen to the data if I reinstall the game

kooky panda
10-23-13, 06:45 PM
Your games are saved on Team Lava's servers so when you delete and re download, you game progress will all be there. :)

01-27-15, 06:26 PM
I've tried force closing the games and reinstalling; they still won't load!

02-01-15, 06:00 AM
Team lava needs to backup delete and reinstall maybe that will help with all the crashes and disappearing crowns that this game is plaged with