View Full Version : Those little ghost demons...

10-22-13, 09:11 AM
First, I love this game. It's seriously great.

However. I do not want to be actually frustrated. Challenged, yes. But not frustrated. Those little demons make me frustrated and angry because there's no logic. It is all based on luck. We should be able to opt out of those.

10-22-13, 03:33 PM
Most levels the gobblers are annoying. They seem to pick the exact candy to block your next move. There are some levels where the gobblers can be colours that aren't the same as the candies you're trying for. This can be helpful as they take the candies you don't need, cause the other candies to move so you can get matches without having to use moves. There's one level that most of the bottom half of the screen is full of gobblers! In order to finish it you've got to destroy most but not all of the gobblers (for the free moves). I've suggested that there could be boosts to prevent them spawning for a certain number of moves or to allow you to move them to make valid swaps for a certain number of moves.