View Full Version : "Goshdarnit!" moments in FS2

10-20-13, 09:36 AM
So we have an "OMG Moments" thread in Dragon Story... Why not have one here too? Or at least it seems I can't find one.

Yesterday i was just scrolling around in my game, waiting for some crops. I went to tap on the butterflies flying near the market, and somehow my iPad slipped - I managed to grab it in time, but tapped the screen unwillingly. Twice.
I gasped! Oh noes. I'd bought something I had not meant to. I hadn't even been planning to visit the market since it still hadn't refreshed from the 5 minutes timer, or so i thought.
Went to my barn... it was a pickaxe!! oh, the joy. I was so happy that i decided to visit the farm i'd bought it from... And the guy had an old map and a can of paint for sale. Lol. I felt like it was Christmas :D

10-20-13, 11:24 AM
... I just bought 8 cans of paint from a neighbor! Wow. Just what I needed to update my barn TWICE, now I can hold 215 items. :)