View Full Version : Halloween, cute Witchy, a plethora of useless dragon & Team Lava as the wicked Witch

10-20-13, 02:14 AM
It's Halloween and with it comes the giddy excitement of costumes, trick or treating, spooky decorations, scary movies, ghoulish parties and Team Lavas Halloween island.
The last bit is where Halloween turns nasty and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Why would you guys release an expansion intent on nothing else, but making grown-ups miserable and crushing kids dreams? Don't you realise that kids too play your game? Have you got any idea what it feels like to watch your daughter press the breeding button, see the excitement as she waits for the breeding time and then the frustration and sadness when she realises that once again she has to wait 21hrs before she can try again for the cute little witchy she wants so badly. :(

I realise full well that you're in this for the money, no-one does nothing for anything else anymore, but, and this is a very important but so listen up TL, don't you have some sort of responsibility towards the people that are keeping you rolling in said money? If it wasn't for us playing your games, buying the gold or jewels would you still be in business? We put up with the extortion, with the ridiculously high prises of dragons, premium habitats, extra nests and stupid things like banners that cost 2,000,000 coins and we get very little in return so don't you think that you could give something back for a change at times like Halloween?

Why can't you make it easier to get dragons that are released only for a short period of time so everyone playing your game can have the chance of getting them instead of only a select few. I don't understand the logic behind the level of difficulty unless, as with everything else you do, you're trying to extort money out of your players.

Just so you know, the reasoning behind this post is not that I didn't get the dragons, - I got the Witch and the Raven I wanted. My joy however is diminished by my daughters little face and the fact that so few of my friends got theirs. :(

10-20-13, 02:51 PM
Tell your daughter that this game is exactly like real life: nothing's fair. Deal with it.

10-20-13, 05:30 PM
Tell your daughter that this game is exactly like real life: nothing's fair. Deal with it.

But it isn't real life is it - it's a game. Your post should make me feel annoyed, but if that's your outlook on life I don't I pity you.

10-27-13, 01:54 AM
I feel your annoyance, but this game is for those 13 and old. If it makes one feel so bad and take it so serious that they cannot get what they want, it may be time to play something else.

This is a game of luck, chance and who has a bounty of gold to waste. Or a plethora of patience. If we all got the same dragons the game would cease to make each island unique.

Just say oh boo with her, make sure she's downloading games for free gold to speed things along, maybe treat her to some gold once in a while or have her switch the dragons around.

In the end, as the poster said its a game.

10-27-13, 01:37 PM
My comment: When I was young I played outside and not with a Mobile Phone. Mind that.