View Full Version : Possible Glitch - Got a never-ending defense troop?

10-18-13, 06:36 AM
So I had the goal to install something (think it was Farm Story 2: Halloween) which I did.

Once going back into KC I got a congratulations and got a goal to train 1 warrior.

However when I accepted the goal instead of bringing up the normal barracks screen it brought up another weird unit selection screen where everything was cheaper (and even had a unit choice of evil warrior for 40 spellstones O.o).

So as per the goal I selected the warrior but instead of training in the barracks it asked me to place it somewhere like you do with buildings. So I placed it, it took my 60 spellstones and completed the goal (with a nice reward).

But now when I look at my base I have an invisible spot on my map that I can't build or move any building onto because it is taken up by this warrior. And just watching the last 2 defensive battles I had and the warrior jumped out to attack both times (even after he was killed).

So umm... is this just a nice reward for completing that goal or an un-intentional glitch? Because right now I got a permanent warrior defending my base on every defensive attack haha :confused:

10-18-13, 06:40 AM
PS. If you check my account you may not be able to see it. But in the bottom centre of my base I have a workshed - market - barracks around the outside walls with a 2 tile gap to the right of the barracks. After that 2 tile gap there is a 2nd market. The warrior is placed in the tile just to the left of that 2nd market (1 tile further down from the wall). If you see what I can it also has the spellstone icon above it (as if it was a spellstone mine that I could collect stones from).