View Full Version : Deliveries Suggestions

10-16-13, 11:11 PM
Is there any way the items required for deliveries can be left out until we acquire the building or plot to fulfill the order?

For example: I now need a fish to fulfill a delivery when I haven't been able to expand to the fish pond yet! This poses many problems. If all of my orders eventually require a fish of some sort, how will I make deliveries to acquire the expansion parts needed to expand to the fish pond? This happened with the crafting building for me but I was able to keep selling stuff at the market to acquire the coins. This isn't the same for the parts needed for expansion. I would need to wait forever to try and find them being sold in the newspaper or purchase with gems (money).

My suggestion is to not make something a required item of delivery until we have the means to produce that item. Don't base it on which level we've reached.