View Full Version : Add Options on Alliance Invitations

10-10-13, 09:24 AM
When someone sends you an invitation to join his/her alliance, it allows you to view that player's stats and visit his/her town. Since it is membership in the alliance that is under consideration, the invitation should allow you to review the alliance stats and browse their roster, the way you can do when you view alliances via the RANK button. Please add that option. Currently, if I want to check out an alliance to which I have an invitation, I have to go search for that alliance by name, a search I can only do if the alliance is in the top 50 or if I am not a member of any alliance.

Also you cannot currently get invitations from other alliances if you are already in an alliance. Please give players the option to turn invitations ON or OFF, depending on whether they want to consider other offers.

10-14-13, 06:34 AM
I wish to leave my Alliance.....can you tell me how to do this?