View Full Version : Fruit Mania level 122 - I need help!

10-03-13, 04:39 PM
Please help me pass this level. I have tried everything I can think of but can get only 9 or 10 charms and need 12!

10-04-13, 09:59 AM
Anyone? Please?????

10-07-13, 12:14 PM
I just played this level again to refresh myself and came close to beating it (ended right before the last charm)...but not quite so trying to recall what I did to pass it before.
If anyone else just played and beat this level please chime in...

In the beginning work your way down and do not set the bomb of yet. The only way I know to unlock the key is to set off large color blocks to finally get the blender and then clear the key row.
Drop the rocks via moves so the bomb is sitting right in the middle of both rocks to set it off.
Obviously work your way down best you can with little moves as possible. (Sometimes I can see a block of color above where you make movement down and I may do that one first because it will set the next move up to eat down/across nicely)
Pay attention to the left side, you have to make sure to hit those color blocks at the right time when the fly is on 2-3 of the same color right on top of the lock.
I recall a couple more bombs...if there are any rocks nearby obviously use on those but I think 1 of the bombs there is no rock so go ahead and use it to clear space.
This is the part I can't remember, I think you have to save that last blender till right near the end, I think you will need it to clear the final Key row when you can see the lock.
Once that is unlocked, the charm is right there, hopefully you have a color block to set it off.

I hope this helps. good Luck.

10-12-13, 04:40 PM
I am stuck too!!
Any suggestions??!!