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10-02-13, 10:38 AM
After a couple of weeks of play, here are some of my suggestions:

Game Play Suggestions:

1) As some other users have pointed out, the mobility and wall placement needs a few new features. It's very time consuming, frustrating, and tedious to select and rotate the walls around buildings; especially when most of us are playing on a tiny screen. A selection that would let us rotate the walls to our desired positioning would be fantastic.

2) Not only should users be able to donate troops to their alliance, but users should be able to donate a fixed amount of resources to their alliance members as well. This amount can be pro rated for each level. Example: Max amount of resources one could donate to an alliance member who is level 10 is 10k, level 20 = 20k, ect.. or what ever ratio you find the least abusive.

User to User Suggestions:

3) There is no reason that the word "Gymnasium" should be flagged as an inappropriate word. While the word [] is unfiltered. I understand it's part of your content filter, but that needs to be upgraded, updated, or completely thrown out and a new system needs to be adopted. There are countless other phrases that are filtered, and it's extremely irritating to type out an entire sentence to find out a word is inappropriate, and then you subsequently lose your entire message.

4) I think there should be a personal message system where individual users can PM other users. This would help coordinate cross-alliance communication and alleviate some of the clutter/spam in global chat.

10-05-13, 07:39 AM
I think the 4th one will end up getting abused with swearing the ones that wiped you clean of resources/crowns lol.
But I second that the word filter is weird (to say the least)

10-11-13, 07:16 PM
The word filter needs fixing. Click the building is not a bad phrase!

kooky panda
10-11-13, 08:36 PM
Discussing the in game word filter is not forum appropriate.
For questions on specific words being caught(or not caught) in the filter, you can report this by sending an email to support@teamlava.com