View Full Version : Lost +300k resources but attacker got 0%.

10-02-13, 02:50 AM
Somebody (I'll pm the name) attacked some 4 hours ago. They attacked with warriors only. The attack lasted 12 seconds. They scored 0%. They didn't make any damage to mines or vaults, however my attack log says they took 83k in coins and 265k in coins from me. This can't be correct.

10-06-13, 10:23 PM
The silence is deafening. Would anybody in authority care to respond?

10-07-13, 02:06 AM
Please do not bump threads as this is against forum rules. If you feel a thread hasn't been responded to you can send a PM to a mod or community manager.

Please note that a staff member has been responding in this thread (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?59050-Major-Hacks-Updates-Needed).